Buying Designer Watches

There is no doubt that designer watches are one of the most recognizable status symbols not to mention fashion accessories. Whether you are a man or a woman having a designer watch on your wrist is going to attract attention from anyone who knows the difference between a Rolex and a Timex! However when it comes to buying designer watches the range of models and especially prices can really have your head in a spin.

So if you are looking for the best way to buy designer watches where do you go, online or to local stores? The answer is both. While it is definitely true that you can get designer watches online cheaper than in local stores but buying your Rolex or Gucci watch online without actually seeing the watch is a really fast way to spending money sending your designer watch back because you decide you didn’t like it.

So here is the best way to get both a designer watch deal and more importantly get one you actually love, that fits and looks right on your wrist. Now before you run out the door to start looking do some research online on designer watch sites and get a basic feel for what you are looking for. Narrow it down to a brand or preferably several brands, the type of look you want, the base price range and also what type of functionality you are looking for. Once you have narrowed down your list it is time to get your walking shoes on and start the car.

So with your list in hand start visiting local jewelry stores and get the store assistants to let you try on the watches. This is not just important to make sure the watch will fit (even with removing or adding links to the bracelet) but also how it looks on your wrist. For instance my Girlfriend has a very slim wrist and so any designer watch that is bulky like Rolex for instance just look huge and the whole effect of the designer watch is ruined. We ended up finding a beautiful slim Gucci watch instead.

Don’t rush, make sure you try on a lot of different designer watch models and brands. When you find the one (or two) that you want ask the assistant what the best possible deal they can do for you, make sure you tell them you are going to look online too. Once you have found a couple of models you want and the best local price you can get then go home and fire up Google and type in the full make and model number of your watch and see what the best price you can find online, you might be surprised at the deals you will find.

I have bought my last 3 watches online with a total saving of over $600 so taking the time is definitely worth it.